Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things we should add to our build process

I want to try some of these and see what happens:
  1. Use Sonar for tracking various metrics (it uses all well-known Open Source tools like PMD, Checkstyle, etc. and compatible with Hudson, which we already use in our projects);
  2. Use Cirr to document public API changes (to know when something really important has changed);
  3. Use Macker (btw, its' FAQ is really informative, thanks!) to keep dependencies between different modules under control. It first requires some modeling, after which it can break builds in case someone breaks convention;
Also, what I want to do in the nearest future is some kind of retrospective metrics analysis tool. It will consist of (maybe) set of shell scripts checking out revisions from Subversion repository, compiling code, running JDepend and others against it, applying some XSLTs to its results to combine it altogether into single big XML, putting it then into some kind of 3D storage (Revision * Metric * Module), like OLAP cube in order to analyse it. Theoretically, such tool can generate a great amount of information, and what's interesting is how useful it could actually be.

The idea was inspired by one of the reports on Software Engineering Forum 2009 (link in Russian).

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