Friday, January 14, 2011

Meet Flowkeeper, a new open-source software timer for Pomodoro Technique

I want to present you the very first version of Flowkeeper - yet another free software timer for Pomodoro Technique. Initially it was designed as a desktop UI for Pomodoro Server - my another project supporting teamwork for PT. Despite the almost-ready-for-production state of the latter one, I decided to implement both online and offline modes in Flowkeeper, and release offline-only version first. So here it is, ready for download :)

Some of its features:
  • Your plans are persistent and can be viewed after the program is closed;
  • Configurable timer sounds and system tray notifications;
  • Some basic single-day statistics;
  • Supported platforms: Windows (with installer), Linux KDE, Linux Gnome (no system tray), MacOS (reported, but no details yet);
I am pretty ambitious about this project. Here are some of the features to be included in the next version, just to name a few:
  • New multiplatform installer;
  • Activity Inventory;
  • Better statistics;
  • Source code will be published on SourceForge;
So, keep tuned and don't hesitate to contact me.