Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tools for XSD-LDM-DDL roundrip development

There are some articles suggesting to use Rational Data Architect for XSD-DDL-LDM roundtrip development. It doesn't work. None of four RDA installations I found in my department is able to import XSD into LDM, as this article suggests. It shows all the necessary dialog boxes, but in the end it does nothing. Just sielently does nothing.

Ok, maybe my schema is all wrong (maybe because it was not created by Business Modeler), still it's very simple and I see no reason why it shouldn't work. Also, it doesn't permit to transform LDM to Physical Data Model, so no DDL generation too... Ok, I guess it should work, but only after reading some Redbook about it.

I decided to give a short try to other ER modeling tools. PowerDesigner allowed me to easily create an LDM (it's called "Conceptual Data Model" there) and transform it to Physical Data Model AKA DDL in few clicks. Altova XML Spy was able to move between XML Schema and DDL seamlessly...

Both tools also provide a lot of useful additional functionality, which I'm going to explore and describe a bit later.


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