Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some business rules resources

In the recent project we used Hirix XRules business rules engine (you would barely find any information on it anywhere, because it's an IBM internal tool), which appeared to be buggy and slow in our web environment. So, we switched to native Groovy code then and implemented all our rules (supported by more than 700 pages of very brief documentation) and underlying rules engine. I've spent about three months optimizing and polishing it, and in the end it has a very good performance, outperforming the initial solution by more than 100 times.

Why haven't we used some off-the-shelf product instead? Well, mostly because we lacked information, were limited in time and virtually all other resources. So now when I have time to investigate (the project is over), I found some neat stuff about it:
So, at the first glance, it seems that the vast majority of current BR tools have absolutely ugly syntax, too expensive or both. Seems I didn't manage to find the Perfect Business Rules Engine again...

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